23 December 2009

Jingle Bells

Merry Christmas, everyone!

As a special Christmas treat, I've entered a new issue into the game. Enjoy! Also, if you need to contact me, send a telegram to sirocco@nationstates.net as I've been too busy to read my telegrams. Sorry about that!

31 October 2009

Happy Halloween

I apologise for the lack of updates - I'm putting most of my energies into university work at the moment. But I'll still do what I can.

Have a fun evening, everybody!

20 October 2009

N-n-new Forum Mods!

A big old welcome to our three new forum mderators: Czardas, Lunatic Goofballs, and NERVUN. A big welcome to all three of you!

Since the move away from Jolt, the General forum's become a bit of a pariah as the idea of sensible rational arguments about ideology, politics, religion, etc. got thrown out the window somewhat and players decided that anyone with an opposing viewpoint must be trolling. This led to some rather ugly drama in the Moderation forum as you can imagine. That's where our new moderators come in! We needed some fresh blood... some General blood!

I wish our new mods the best of luck in their endeavours!

07 October 2009

N-n-n-new Features!

A first step towards the 'annexe' feature (see previous posts, can't be arsed finding a link) has been made! Regions now have history pages for an automatic record of notable events. Check out your own region page and have a look! Regional settings have been twiddled with so that everyone can see them without having to manipulate URL addresses. You can check that out too!

I've been rather absent from NationStates recently. I've got a LOT of university work to do, and I also got engaged as well, so I've had little time to tell you guys to play nice!

Welp. I've got stuff to do (sigh) but we should have some new issues on the way (huzzah) so keep your eyes bright and your tails bushy. The only way is up.

21 September 2009

Jennifer Government Hits The Small Screen!

And in two different ways! If you've read the latest MaxChat you'll already know that AMC (an American TV channel) is going to turn the book that launched NationStates into a TV series - very exciting! - but if the wait until we actually hear more about it is too much for you then you can thank some students from Weddington High School for filming their own abridged amateur version.

Watch it here!

I only learned of this because it was linked by Seculartopia in this thread so kudos goes to him/her for discovering it as well.

20 September 2009

MaxChat V: The Log


It's been great fun and we all look forward to having another... hopefully not after waiting for three years again though! Thanks everyone for coming, it was a blast!

Oh, and something I forgot to mention: telegrams now have a 'preview' feature thanks to Pythagosaurus! If you haven't already seen it, give it a shot.

Oh! And something else I forgot to mention! The new spiffy banner at the top of my blog is courtesy of Imagey Nation. His name is as apt as his banner is awesome. Thanks!